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Praveen Mohan is known for his groundbreaking research on ancient history, archeology and extraterrestial theory. Traveling widely around the world, his initial work on ancient mysteries began in Peru, posting his findings online about Nazca lines and Machu Picchu. In the first half of 2014, he began posting videos about ancient megalithic structures of India. His YouTube videos about Ellora caves and ancient machining technology have been aired on TV shows and documentaries.

His findings are radical and show deep insight into understanding ancient texts and symbology. He recently discovered India’s oldest sundial, explaining how to decode Hindu symbols step by step. He has also proved the presence of Europeans and Africans in ancient India. In the latter half of 2014 and 2015 Praveen began exploring ancient mounds of America. He has argued that since these mounds can be understood from air, they must have been made for extraterrestrials.

During this time, he began researching the theory that the moundbuilders were giants, who stood over 7 feet tall. He has also explored some of the baffling modern structures including Cave of Kelpius and Pyramids in Pennsylvania. His work on Georgio Guidestones was featured in Alex Jones Channel in 2015. He is also known for debunking various myths including gravity hill at Pittsburgh and the hanging pillar at Lepakshi Temple. Praveen Mohan is also popular among paranormal researchers in the United States.

His footage about Robert the Doll, and Green Man’s Tunnel have been aired on Multiple TV shows and documentaries. In June 2016, Praveen published his first book titled ‘Coral Castle:Everything You Know Is Wrong’, which is still the best rated book on the subject. In September 2016, he made his first appearance at Ancient Aliens Tv Show in history channel. Even though his footage has been widely used before on many TV shows and documentaries, this was the first time he personally appeared on air. Praveen keeps his personal life secretive, never discussing it on camera.

On Ancient Aliens show however, he revealed that he grew up in a strict hindu family, which helped him to read Indian scriptures extensively. During his interview with Author Ed Grondine, Ed revealed that Praveen’s hometown was Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Little is known about how he manages to travel around the world independently. Even though he replies to most of his fans, he never reveals anything about his personal life. In october 2016, Praveen revealed that he was doing a long term expedition in India exploring ancient structures, and showed a glimpse of remote caves which have not been visited in the last few centuries. After 6 months of inactivity, he has begun posting new videos, revealing many startling secrets hidden in Indian temples and caves. He has also raised awareness about unprotected ancient temples and has asked people to come forward to help them get protected. Praveen currently has over 700,000 subscribers and nearly 80 million views on YouTube.

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