Ravana's Giant Feet Found in Sri Lanka? Sigiriya's Reptilian Secret | Praveen Mohan

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Hey guys, today we are going to look at a very strange structure known as Lion’s Paws in Sigiriya. Sigiriya is a giant rock with a flat top which is also known as Ravana’s Palace, located in Sri Lanka.
When you start climbing Sigiriya, it is usually a series of stairs with almost no place to rest. But there is one flat area in between where people rest half way before going to the top. This is a very interesting place because it shows something bizarre. Two giant paws of a strange animal. These are giant feet, I have not seen anything like this before, I mean this is huge, you can see how small I look when compared to it. Each paw is at least 10 feet tall and 10 feet wide. I mean it is impossible not to think of the giant legs of the Sphinx at the great pyramid of Giza. What’s even more strange, Sri Lankan’s do refer to this as Lion’s Paws or Lion Gate which is similar to the modern Egyptians’ claim that Sphinx is also part lion.
But are these really lion’s paws? Look at the large nails, it is quite clear that this is not human, it looks like the claws of a fierce animal, the details are fantastic. There are 2 curves made where the nails meet the flesh at the end. If you look carefully, there is a little toe as well. So there are three bigger toes and one small toe in each leg.
In Sri Lanka, they are popularly known as lion’s paws or lion entrance because many experts claim that these toes belong to a lion. But this is absolutely wrong, these are not lions paws. Lions do not have 4 toes, they have 5 toes, other similar mammals like tigers also have 5 toes, not 4 toes. The ancient builders clearly showed 3 large toes, and a small, rudimentary toe or a pinky toe. So what animal do these toes belong to?
Ancient reptiles had 4 toes, they mostly had 3 large toes and one small toe. Let’s take dinosaurs for example, you are looking at the toes of T Rex. He has 4 toes, 3 large ones and one tiny one, look at the similarity. Pay attention to the rough scales on his ankle. The ancient builders have even tried to show the scales in Sigiriya, look at the wavy lines made on the structures as well, these represent scales. This definitely represents an ancient reptile. What is that powerful reptile? None other than Ravana himself.
Now Ravana is said to be the greatest King of Sri Lanka, so great that Sri Lanka’s first satellite was named Ravana. Sigiriya is also known as Ravana’s palace. But, how can Ravana be a reptilian? How can he have legs like this? But when we look at ancient texts, strange details start to appear.
First, Ravana was not fully human, only his father was human. His mother was a completely different species, perhaps a reptilian. When Ravana was born he had the qualities of a hybrid species, in the western world, these hybrids are called Nephilim, in some ways he was human, in other ways he was not. For example, it is well known that he was a giant, he was about 10 feet tall. But Ravana showed other reptilian characteristics, he was capable of Shape shifting, he could modify his appearance and deceive others, he could also become invisible by blending with the environment, like a modern day chameleon. The Thai text Ramakien mentions that Ravana’s skin was Green, like a chameleon. Human skin cannot be green, he definitely had reptilian blood in him. In Sri Lanka, several reptiles are named after Ravana. For example, this snake is called Ravanage Medilla and even has the scientific name Aspidura Ravanai, after King Ravana because of his reptilian descent.
During my travels in Sri Lanka, I saw many snake charmers who consider themselves as descendants of Ravana, and they say Ravana was born with Naga ancestry. Today, we think the word Naga only means snake, but these charmers say that their original ancestors were humanoid with 2 feet and 2 arms, but also had strange powers like shape shifting and can even become invisible. The Nagas simply used Cobra as their symbol, because the Cobra was an easily recognizable reptile due to its inflating or flaring hood. They believe that their reptilian ancestors disappeared underground and promised to return some day. Initially I thought this was just folklore, but it is recorded both in Tamil texts and Sinhala texts that Nagas were the original inhabitants of Sri Lanka. This is why, during ancient times, Sri Lanka was sometimes referred to as Nagadeepa and ancient Greeks also called it Nagadibois.
In Sigiriya, there is more evidence related to reptilians, there is an unbelievable structure known as Cobra Hood Cave.

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