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Hey guys, today, I am going to show you some of the strangest carvings found in Ancient Indian temples and if you watch till the end of the video, I hope you will agree that they were using very advanced technology during ancient times.
Look at this ancient carving in the Sun Temple at Modhera, built around 1000 years ago. This figure is holding something unique. It does not look like a weapon, but rather like a long rectangular strip. Do you realize what this is? This is a ruler, a rule or a line gauge just like what we use today. When we zoom in we can actually see the markings on the ruler. Look at this statue, the same figure is shown clearly holding a ruler, with clear markings. This is a spectacular find, because I have shown you so many ancient temples, and we often wonder about how the builders made such accurate measurements? Now, you know ancient builders used measuring instruments just like today.
Now, sadly, look this figure has a total of 4 hands and the other 3 have been completely destroyed. This destruction was done by human beings to intentionally destroy ancient knowledge. Because the other hands, if in good shape, would also give us important clues about ancient technology. So, who does this carving represent? This is an ancient architect by the name of Vishwakarman. He is known for his very advanced engineering projects, including the construction of Dwaraka, a city which is now submerged underwater.
Now, Vishwakarman is still worshiped in many parts of India, and look at the iconography. On one hand he holds a rule, and on the other he holds a measuring tape, remember architects need flexible measuring tape because most structures won’t be flat or straight. In another hand, he is holding a scroll or palm leaf. Why? This is where, he would not only write down all the information, but he also has to draw the layout, and create a perfect blueprint before starting to build anything. But in the 4th hand, he holds that bag. That mysterious bag, which is carved around the world, by various characters, which is never shown touching the ground. What is in this bag? Is it an energy device? Only Gods know this secret. Look behind him, and you will see plenty of tools, just like what modern architects use. Angle finders, devices to measure if the surface is perfectly parallel, perpendicular, and many other interesting tools.

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