Chhoti Si Baat – Hindi Drama Short Film – A husband and wife's story

The story is of a housewife, dedicated to her husband who had to put up a fight with her family to get married to him in the first place. They got married eventually and are seemingly deeply in love. Despite it all, there are nagging doubts that are forced upon the young wife from different corners until they lead her to take a drastic step.

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Cast & Crew:
Director: Aryan Singh
Writer: Aryan Singh and Abul Hassan Zia
Producer: Aryan Singh
Music / Sound: AryanSingh and Abul Hassan Zia (NCM)
Editor: Abul Hassan Zia
Cinematographer: Abul Hassan Zia
Actors: Neeru – Amrita Pal, Arun – Basant Kumar, Sandeep – Sumit Kumar, Maa – Mrs. Ghazala Iqbal

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