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Hey guys, today we’re gonna talk about the number 108, a hundred and eight. Now this is a very sacred number in Hinduism. If you’re a Hindu, you already know that this appears over and over in your life. But if you’re a westerner, or if you come from another religion, the use of the number 108 in Hinduism is just everywhere.

Ok? So how many times should we chant a specific mantra? It’s always one zero eight. How many times should be circle around a shrine? It’s always 108,
and this can be really really frustrating. Because we don’t understand
why this number is recommended in this religion so many times, you know? The
entire system appears to be designed around 108. Not just religious
stuff, like everything Indian is designed around this 108. For example,
there are 108 Karanas or transitions in Indian classical dance.

There are 108 musical meters or talas in Indian classical music. If you ask a priest, how many attendants or helpers (Ganas) does Lord Shiva have? He just expects you to know that it’s 108. If you ask the priest, how many sacred temples does Lord Vishnu have? He will just look at you and ask you “Don’t you know it is number 108?” And this can be very frustrating when you’re a kid, when you’re a kid growing up as a Hindu, this can be very frustrating.
Because they don’t tell you why this number 108 is so important!

I don’t think anybody knows this. Now, if you ask mainstream experts, even mainstream religious experts, even the mainstream religious experts in Hinduism, If you ask what is the obsession with the number 108 in ancient times? They will simply come up with a shallow answer like, they will usually say: Well, all religions were obsessed with some number. For example, you know Christianity was obsessed with the number 3, because of the Trinity and all that stuff . And so a random number was picked in Hinduism and they assigned various things to this number.

Now, this is a typical explanation that you will get. But there are deeper meanings to this number. This is not a natural number and the reason why 108 was used by ancient
civilizations was no coincidence. Because 108 is the basis of life itself. I know that’s a big statement but one zero eight is the basis of life. Without this number, without this 108 there’s no life at all. Now, what do I mean by this? For example, If you’re a healthy adult, you will breathe 108 times.. this many times during sunshine, you will breathe 108 multiplied by hundred times (108 x 100), during sunshine. And you will breathe one hundred and eight times, hundred (108 x 100) during moonshine. So you will have 10800
breaths during daytime and you will have 10800 breaths during night time. Now this is prescribed in ancient Hindu practices, Ok?
There’s a particular sect called Tantric Hinduism and if you look at that, they actually tell you that this is the exact number of times that human beings will breathe, if they’re very healthy. But is this a mere coincidence? Could this be a mere coincidence? I’ll tell you why ancient Hindus were doing this. For example, we’re talking about sunshine and moonshine, right? So, the basis of life comes from two gods. Now, this is the Sun right, so this is the Sun and this is the moon, Ok? This is a crazy diagram!
I’m showing sun and the moon and you you don’t see anything wrong with this. But this is a crazy diagram and only human beings can understand these figures as sun and moon. If an alien was observing this diagram from Mars, for example, he would be rolling on the floor laughing. You know why? Because the actual size of the moon would be like this and the actual size of the Sun would be like this. So technically, I should represent like this. This is the Sun and the dot is the moon. But why do we see them as the same size? Now, this is special only for earth. No other planet has this we see them both as the same sized objects
because of the number 108, Ok?
The Sun is 400 times larger than the moon, ok? It’s 400 times larger than the moon, but yet have you ever observed a solar eclipse where there’s the Sun and then the moon comes in
between and the moon completely fits the Sun. It’s almost like they’re perfectly aligned, how is this possible? It’s because of this number 108. Now what do I mean by this, right? So let’s look at our solar system and then let’s look at a few things .. one is this there’s a sun like this. This is the sun, and this is let’s say the Earth’s orbit.
Nothing is drawn to scale guys, okay? By the way, please give me some slack because I’m doing it on the fly. I’m gonna make some mistakes and give me like a 2% error margin, OK?

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