'Brahma Padartha' – Krishna's Heart is an Ancient Arc Reactor? Mystery of Puri Jagannath Temple

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Hey guys, about 5 years ago, in 2015, on June 15th at 12 o’clock midnight, something very strange happened in Jagannath Temple at Puri. This event made all historians turn their heads and wonder what is happening in this small town in India. Electricity was shut down not only in the temple area, but in the entire town of Puri. Why? Because Krishna’s heart was being removed from the main idol of Jagannath temple, and was being placed in another idol. No, I don’t mean Krishna’s heart in a spiritual or mystical way, I mean it physically, Krishna’s actual heart is preserved there. But how can a heart be preserved in original condition for 5000 years? Because it is a very advanced ancient device, it is not made of flesh and muscle, and people say it can generate power. It starts to vibrate if exposed to light, not just sunlight, any form of light. This is why electricity was shut down. The people who touched this heart had to wear thick, heavy gloves and they also had to wear blindfolds to make sure they do not lay eyes on it.
Of course all this sounds strange, but it is true and we may be looking at evidence of very advanced ancient technology. First let us look at Krishna’s death, which is a mystery by itself. Today, many people do not know about Krishna’s death, but ancient sources clearly record his death. Around 3102 B.C, roughly 5000 years ago, Krishna was killed by a hunter in a forest. This was an accident, because the hunter was trying to kill a deer. Krishna dies, and his body was cremated, it was ritually burnt. But even though Krishna’s body was burnt, his heart did not burn at all, it looked like a lump of solid metal with no damage. When the hunter picked up this heart, it vibrated. It was not made of flesh and blood, it was made of a strange artificial material, and I suspect this is some type of electrical device. Think about this, Modern day Pacemakers, Artificial Heart, they are all basically electrical devices. Remember Krishna was not human, he was superhuman, he was a God. There is clear evidence of ancient technology during his time, they were using electricity, they were using batteries which I have already demonstrated in a previous video. They were capable of genetic modification and Krishna’s own Balarama was a test-tube baby. This is clearly recorded in ancient Indian texts.
So the hunter tried to burn this heart again, but it was impossible to burn the heart. And it started to emit a strange vibrating sound. So the hunter realized it was some special device, so he took this heart and tried to sell it because it looked very strange. So he traveled across India, but no one would touch it and finally he gave up and put it on a wooden plank and left it in the river. And it was picked up in the ancient city of Puri. When the King of Puri found out it was Krishna’s heart, he decided to make an idol and put his heart inside this idol. This idol is the Jagannath idol in the Puri Temple. Inside the idol, the heart of Krishna is still there. This heart is called BrahmaPadhartha or DivyaPadhartha which means Divine Material.
But here is the weird part, almost all main idols in Hindu temples are made of Metal or Stone, but this idol is made of wood. You know why? Because It is said that Krishna’s heart can electrocute you, it gives electric shocks even today. And this is the reason why the Jagannath Idol is not made of metal or stone, because metals and most stones have high conductivity. But wood is a poor conductor of electricity. The statue itself looks incredibly strange, it is very different than most other statues of Hindu Gods. It has these huge eye balls with very little other features, and it is a massive statue, okay. And Jagannath means the Lord of the Universe. Inside the wooden statue there is a fist sized chamber in the center which has the heart.
Something else is also strange, the priests have to change the entire idol every 12 years. They have to remove this statue and replace it with a completely new wooden statue. Why? Because the heart slowly damages and wood and weakens the statue. It disintegrates the wood.
How does it damage the wood? About 50 years ago, one person is said to have actually seen this heart and he reported that it was leaking a silvery liquid, which is why the statues get damaged and have to be replaced every 12 years. We can only assume that the device contains mercury, or mercury cell or something like that.

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