Hindi Short Film – Red Frock – Story of the very few who have mastered the art of giving

We make a LIVING, by what we get; and we make a LIFE by what we give. This short film is a story of a mother and daughter, who struggle for their livelihood by doing a household chores job. Little is what they get for their survival and yet have a great attitude towards life. The dreaming daughter and the mother doing all her best to fulfill her dreams, though it’s hard to meet the ends at the end of the month. The story emphasis on, that it takes a big heart to be a giver and not a strong financial condition. In today’s world, not everyone can master the art of giving, everyone excels in taking and snatching. But very few are born with the quality to be a GIVER. This short film is passing on the gesture of being a good human and sharing and caring with

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Cast & Crew:
Director: Jeetu R Mhatre
Writer: Jeetu R Mhatre
Producer: Cloud Seven Films
Music / Sound: Rohhan Patel and Rishikesh Kamerkar
Editor: Sarvesh Hogade
Cinematographer: Sarvesh Hogade
Actors: Maid Servent – Urmila Shree, Daughter – Soha Kotkar

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